Achieve new goals

Everyone has off days. Off weeks. It happens for many reasons. But a common cause is that we’ve chosen goals that don’t really motivate us. The problem with a goal that doesn't motivate us, is finding the discipline to follow through on it. It’s like going to the gym; there are days you want to go and days you don't. But often the days we go and  don’t want to go seem to work out the best. Discipline carries us through. That can be an unsustainable approach, however. Rather than replying on discipline, goals that are aligned with what you really want are easier to stick to, and get you fired up all by themselves!

 If some your goals aren’t quite the "light your fire" type of goals go back and answer these questions:

  • What do I value?

  • What do I enjoy?

  • What do I want most?

    • What do I want my legacy to be?

    Find out what really matters to you. Make a list of your answers, then write your goals based on what you come up with. The key goal is to find your inner determination. Soon you'll be long past just going through the motions.

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